Episode 17: Designing your lifestyle

Is your work running you ragged? Do you wish you had more time to spend with your family and friends? In this week’s show you’ll learn some of the fundamentals to designing a lifestyle that makes you happy while still making moolah – yeah, you can have fun and still make a professional level of […]

Episode 16: The four letter word that could ruin your business

Look, it’s already a known fact that sometimes Darin and I get a lil crazy on the show and this week is no different. But in the interest of appearing to be decent, we decided not to tell you what the four letter word is that could be ruining your business, if you want to […]

Episode 15: How to avoid incestuous marketing

Have you ever noticed how much everyone’s marketing looks alike?  That’s because they’re all related, and on this week’s show you’ll learn how to avoid marketing that looks like everyone else’s. Plus, you’ll also get some video tips from two guys that have a combined 277,412 views on You Tube (yeah, that’s us) and you’ll […]

Episode 14: Smart people acting dumb

Why does everything have to be so com-pli-ca-ted? This week Dumb & Dumber (Darin and I) will simplify some big topics into little bite size chunks that you can take and use in your business TODAY. Plus in this episode you’ll find out: Why top producers have such crappy websites Who we recommend as the […]

Episode 13: Why being efficient can make you lazy

Did you miss us? We missed you too, that’s why in addition to ruffling a few feathers this week we made the show a lil longer 😉 And after taking the week off we’re raring to bring you the latest way people are being lazy and how you can totally avoid it in your business. […]

Episode 12: Why branding doesn’t matter

This is part 2 of last weeks show “Getting rid of all the Chaos Online” This week we’re taking on Branding and why you may not even need to worry about it. And even though this show was only 20 minutes we managed to show you: Why a Real Estate Agents may not even need […]

Episode 11: Getting rid of all the Chaos online (with a simple strategy to get more leads)

Hey Mapsters, There are mammoth distractions lurking behind every click online. That’s why in this week’s show you’ll learn a simple strategy to get more leads while avoiding those annoying distractions that can make your day so chaotic. On this week’s show: How to succeed by failing often Why you might not even need your […]

Episode 10: Getting PHYSICAL with your marketing

Dear Mapster, What’s missing in today’s digital age? There are three ways people learn – Auditory, Visual, and the one missing link online… Kinesthetic.  And this week you’ll get some ideas on how you can take advantage of this missing link to get people’s attention. Plus: How to make that “first call” after meeting someone […]

Episode 9: Why Marketing and Productivity are so dang important

This week we’ll pull a switcheroo on you and talk about marketing and productivity (surprise!) But it’s not all shenanigans, because when you tune in you’ll learn: The secret fuel that powers your business The super lubricant that keeps your business oiled Why customer service is overrated Is branding for your business The viewpoint that […]

Episode 8: Developing the Millionaire Mindset

There’s only one thing keeping you from living the life of you dreams, it’s YOU. In this episode: Why spending money on marketing is safer than keeping it in your savings account. Are there such things as “Healthy Distractions” Why thinking big is not enough 3 step plan to developing the millionaire mindset Plus you’ll […]