Episode 7: Creepy Referral Marketing

You don’t want to listen to this one alone, so grab a friend and tune in. On this weeks show: Creepy referral marketing that gets you leads from Facebook How to increase your IQ Who wins in a fight: Facevook vs Email marketing What Joe Stumpf says about consistency Why you should be more like […]

Episode 6: Keeping the Post Office Alive

Hey MAP’sters, this week’s show is packed full of goodies. First you’ll find out why we aren’t entirely against social media. Then you’ll learn how I’m doing my part to keep the post office in business. And we’ll throw an A-D-D (attention deficit disorder) party where everyone is talking and no one is listening. Plus […]

Episode 5: Passive Agressive Social Media

I don’t care if you listen to this show, Do whatever you want But if you listen to this show, Here’s what you’ll get: The top 3 places you should be networking right now (if you want more business) Why you shouldn’t read marketing books (and what you should read instead) Do designations matter? How […]

Episode 4: We’re going to Hell

This week, Find out why Darin says, “Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts stink!” More importantly you’ll hear why most people are failing online and what you can do to avoid this mistake that could be burning your business to the ground. Plus you’ll learn the Secret three step formula to a landing page that makes […]

Episode 3: Absurd Marketing

In this episode: Why you should burn Facebook – NOW! How to Globalize your workforce The only Facebook Group that matters Plus… You’ll learn how being absurd can make you a better marketer.  

Episode 2 – The PimpKast

This was supposed to be the first episode, but the crazy name we picked for the show turned out to be a liability. In this episode you’ll learn the foundations for building a business – on and offline.

Episode 1 – Isn’t this number 2?

The one where we talk about Tecno-Hoarding, anti-productivty, and a little about landing pages. Plus, you’ll find out why this is really episode 2 and how you can get episode 1.