Episode 16: The four letter word that could ruin your business

Look, it’s already a known fact that sometimes Darin and I get a lil crazy on the show and this week is no different.

But in the interest of appearing to be decent, we decided not to tell you what the four letter word is that could be ruining your business, if you want to know then you’ll just have to tune in to today’s episode of MAP Radio.

And when you tune in you’ll also find out:

  • The number one rule to GREAT copywriting
  • Why Facebook is the new My Space
  • Which CRM is the best (and you might be surprised by the answer)

Plus Darin is going nuts deleting people on Facebook – if you don’t want to be deleted from his prestigious friends list, you’ll have to tune in to find out how to avoid it.

Oh, and this week’s show is another long one (46 minutes)


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