Episode 18: How to get more of the things you love most

If I were to say to you, “Wow, you really look great today.  Those shoes are terrific”

Would you reply:

a. “Thanks, you look great too”
b. “Oh these old things, they were in the back of my closet”
c. “I feel great too, thanks!”

If you answered a or b, then you really need to listen to this week’s show – because if you can’t even take a compliment how can you receive other important things in your life. Like new business, referrals, or paychecks?

If you answered c then you need to listen too – because this week you’ll learn:

  • The secret to converting more leads online
  • The one strategy (that if you’re still using) could be a major waste of time (because it doesn’t work anymore)
  • An easy way for you stand out from the crowd

And somehow we managed to cram all that in 30 minutes for you, so if you love it (or even like it a lot) then why don’t you stop by and rate this show on iTunes?  It only takes a minute and you can do it here >> http://budurl.com/MAPRadio